The US will begin to celebrate the national fossil heritage across the country on October of 2017. This year the official National Fossil Day falls on Wednesday, October 11th and the annual logo is themed for Paleozoic organisms. The logo itself features two Early Devonian heterostracan fishes, Panamintaspis snowii and Phyllonaspis taphensis, both collected from the Panamint Mountains in Death Valley National Park. More information about this year’s logo can be found at:

In the mean time, US will hold an annual national art contest and will encourage all partners to promote and participate in this event. For more details about submitting to the National Fossil Day Art Contest, please visit the link:

National Fossil Day is an annual celebration held to highlight the scientific and educational value of paleontology and the importance of preserving fossils for future generations. Hopefully that the National Fossil Day partners collectively reach a greater number of participants this year than previous years.

Celebrating and participation in National Fossil Day greatly encourages the local communities to learn not only about the local paleontological and natural resources but also encourages STEM education and public outreach for local area.