The Fifth International Palaeontological Congress took place in Paris in July 2018. It was a great success, with a rich scientific program of talks, posters and various of pre- and post congress field trips, as well as most enjoyable social/cultural activities. The International Palaeontological Association (IPA) is extremely grateful to our French hosts for their hard work and creativity that they put into organizing an event from which participants from over 60 nations benefitted greatly.

    Now the Council of IPA is considering the potential site for IPC6. Proposals are welcome and should be submitted to Sylvie Crasquin, President of IPA, and Renbin Zhan, Secretary-General of IPA, no later than December 31, 2018. The proposals will be reviewed, and we expect to make a final decision on the location of IPC6 by the end of January, 2019. In the meantime, to express interest or to seek advice or answers to your questions, please contact us <> and <>

    The Proposal is supposed to include the following contents: 

    1. About the Country (e.g., general information about the country; the palaeontology in the country, etc.); 

    2. Practical Information; 

    3. Collection; 

    4. Symposia; 

    5. Workshops; 

    6. Mid-congress Excursions; 

    7. Pre- and Post-Congress Field Trips; 

    8. Committees; 

    9. Partners (Sponsors). 

    Any other information the applicants think necessary could be included.