Celebrating Fossils Worldwide

Join the International Palaeontological Association 
in spreading the joy, fun and interest in the life of the past. 

Celebrate International Fossil Day this coming October 15th and 16th with an open house at your museum, university or institute, lectures, treks through the fossil beds, posters, kid activities, blogs, or other creative ways to let people know about fossils.  Focus on the fun and importance of fossils and their preservation.

For further information to join in International Fossil Day, visit www.ipa-assoc.org/

For  examples of what two other organizations have done see: 

USA National Fossil Day (http://nature.nps.gov/geology/nationalfossilday/index.cfm)

International Archaeology Day (https://www.archaeological.org/archaeologyday/)

Please join the IPA in the celebration:


Zhonghe Zhou, President of IPA, China    

Beatriz Graciela Waisfeld, Argentina                         

James Crampton, New Zealand

Lars Holmer, Secretary-Sweden              

Hiroshi Kitazato, Japan

Olga Kossovaya, Russia                                    

Thomas Servais, Belgium

Roger Thomas, United States                            

Michael Benton, United Kingdom

Qun Yang, China                                              

Takenori Sasaki, Japan                                     

Mahendra Pal Singh, India

Dayon Zhai, China                                  

Eric Buffetaut, France

Vachik Hairapetian, Iran                        

Yongdong Wang, China

Yuan Wang, China

Jere H. Lipps, United States


For questions, suggestions or your intent to participate in IFD, please email 
jlipps@berkeley.edu and/or zhouzhonghe@ivpp.ac.cn.  
When you develop your activity please send a link for the website to 
Yongdong Wang at ydwang@nigpas.ac.cn for inclusion on the IPA IFD web pages.



Feel free to contact your colleagues and others interested in fossils in your country or region by forwarding this email to them.