Report on the meeting at Moscow

The International Paleontological Union, in whose organization the Paleontological Society took an active part, held its first regular meeting in Moscow from July 21st to 26th, 1937, in conjunction with the 17th International Geological Congress. The meeting was successful, and the Union is now well launched on a career which it is believed will make it of great service to Paleontology. Twenty-one members of the Council of the Union, representing 31 of the 63 organizations now in the the Union, attended the Moscow sessions. The undersigned represented the Paleontological Society.

The following officers were elected for the three-year period ending with the next regular meeting, which will be held in London in the summer of 1940, when the Eighteenth International Geological Congress will convene in that city:



Pierre Pruvost


A. Morley Davies
W. J. Jongmans
A. Kryshtofovich
Rudolph Richter


B. F. Howell


C. E. Resser


It was voted to set the dues of the Union for the next three years at one dollar per year for each organization in the Union and one dollar per year for each individual wishing to join in the Union independently.

The following committees were appointed: a Committee on Nomenclature of Types, with Dr. W. J. Jongmans as Chairman; a Committee on Cataloging and Distribution of Type Specimens, with Dr. A. Kryshtofovich as Chairman; a Committee on Proterozoic Correlation, with Professor B. F. Howell as Chairman. Dr. S. H. Haughton, the Chairman of the Geological Congress' Committee on Paleontologia Universalis proposed to the Union that he should ask that his committee be permitted to disband and that a corresponding committee be appointed in its place by the Union. This proposal was approved by the Union and such a committee, with Dr. Haughton as Chairman, was appointed to serve if the proposal was approved by the Council of the Congress.

One of the features of the Moscow meetings was a Symposium on Proterozoic and Paleozoic Climates, sponsored jointly by the Union and the Seventeenth International Geological Congress. The thirty papers presented in this symposium will be published in the Comptes rendus of the Congress.

The constitution and the by-laws are appended.

C. C. Case
C. O. Dunbar
Henry V. Howe
B. F. Howell




I. The International Paleontological Union is established for the purpose of promoting and coordinating international activities in paleontology and stratigraphy. It shall promote these sciences by furnishing an organization that will be capable of caring for international problems, and particularly by providing a ready means by which paleontologists may become acquainted and may learn what work is in progress.

II. The membership of the union shall include all paleontological societies and other organizations that support paleontology.
Paleontologists and stratigraphers not members of organizations in the Union may be elected members of the union by the Council.

III. There shall be a Council, which shall direct the Activities of the Union. This Council shall be composed of members appointed by each organizations in the Union in the proportion of one member for each 100, or fraction thereof, of its paleontological membership. Additional Council members may be elected by the Council from persons not belonging to any organization within the Union.





1. The President and Vice-Presidents shall be elected by a majority vote of the Council. These elections shall be held each year in which the International Geological Congress meets.

2. A secretary shall be elected by a majority vote of the Council to serve until such time as the Council may elect his successor.
The secretary shall be the executive officer of the Union and secretary of the Council.

3. An Executive Committee of three members shall be designated by the Council. This committee shall include the secretary and two other members who can normally be reached by return mail in 20 days.

4. The Council shall meet at each International Geological Congress. For each such meeting 7 members of the Council shall be considered a quorum.

5. Public scientific sessions shall be held in conjunction with each International Geological Congress.

6. These By-Laws may be altered or amended by a two-thirds vote of the Council.


(from Journal of Paleontology, vol. 12, no. 3, May 1938, PP. 303-304)